Shell Eco Marathon Asia

Shell Eco Marathon Race

Our school started participating in Shell Eco Marathon Asia in 2013 and intend to participate annually in the event. Students from various engineering disciplines (Mechanical, Mechatronics, Chemical and Electrical and Computer Systems) come together to design and build a car.

The winner of this competition is the team that uses the least amount of fuel or energy to travel a given distance. Students who participate in this competition develop far more than just technical competencies. This project allow students to practice their leadership and teamwork skills together.

Shell Eco Marathon Winners  Team Monash

Students are also enriched by interacting with teams from across Asia. While there is always an element of competitiveness, friendship and camaraderie are also developed over the four days of competition. In 2014 we entered two teams and our prototype team in the alternative diesel category was awarded first place. We also managed to secure the tribology off track award.