Thailand SAE Formula Student

Thailand SAE Formula Student is an international student design competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers, Thailand (TSAE). The goal of the competition is to provide students with a platform to experience a broad ranging and complex real world engineering project. This encompasses design and manufacture of the car, making a  business logic case, costing and project management. The competition’s challenge is to design and manufacture a single seater Formula-style car for the non-professional weekend autocross racer market. The outcomes are assessed in both dynamic and static events. The dynamic events test the capability and reliability of the vehicle. The static events test the design, engineering, fabrication, costing and business case of the vehicle. Monash Motorsports Malaysia, a team consisting of more than 30 enthusiastic students from various engineering backgrounds participate in this competition. After a challenging design and manufacturing phase, the team has engineered a cost efficient and reliable car, validated by computer design and simulation programs.

The team represented Monash in their first ever competition in January 2019 and won the best rookie team award. The team made more progress in their second entry into the competition in February 2020 by finishing an overall 7th place out of the 29 competing teams while winning several other awards such as first place in the cost report category. While the competition in 2021 and 2022 is not being held, the team has continued to make progress and improvements for future entries.

The School continually allocates substantial resources to give students the opportunity to have hands-on experience in a highly demanding engineering design project such as TSAE. In this large-scale project, students learn crucial project management and information transfer skills. In keeping with the times, the team is in the process of developing a purely electric-powered entry (EV) for this competition. Thus, to sum it all up, this is preparing the next generation of engineers to face future challenges ahead.

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Check out the video of our car in action at Pathumthani Circuit, Thailand.