Student Leaders Network (SLN) Program

The School of Engineering together with the School of IT, Monash University Malaysia, has designed a challenging and engaging program for high-performing undergraduate Engineering and IT, student leaders, to ensure they have leadership and employability skills to accompany their world-class degree studies.  Students who are selected for this program will be groomed to be an engineering and IT leaders of the future.

Previously called the Engineering and IT Leadership Program (EILP), this one-year initiative, rebranded in 2021, will stimulate and inspire these future leaders, taking them out of their comfort zone while providing a supportive learning environment.  They will develop skills that will serve them well beyond the transition from student to engineering and IT professional.

ELP 2013 Group Photo Students balancing wood panel

The Student Leaders Network (SLN) Program serves to: -

  • Challenge and extend students' leadership skills
  • Provide participants with a unique opportunity to network
  • Acquire soft skills and learn about leadership outside the formal classroom environment
  • Help to better understand the employment landscape and the challenges they have to overcome to support their career progression.
  • Have a global perspective, and appreciate the broad competencies to remain relevant in a continually evolving and dynamic work environment.
It will be facilitated and enabled through talks, presentations, information sharing, interactive sessions, team building workshops, site visits, etc.

ELP participants going through 'rock climbing Students enjoying a slow ride after raft building

Participants will benefit from the opportunity to mature and evolve through:

  • Networking with students, alumni, and industry leaders
  • Personal development through self-assessment and feedback
  • Team building
  • Practical workshops
  • Experiential activities

At Monash, we are looking to provide our students with the necessary skills to develop into leaders, the contacts to build an effective support network, and to understand what is required to be successful in their chosen field.