School of Engineering academic invited to serve as scientific expert abroad

Professor Jussi Parkkinen, Head of Discipline for Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, was recently invited to join an assessment committee for PhD defense by Mr Jacob Lercke Skytte. Mr Jacob is a currently a post graduate student at Technical University of Denmark (DTU), researching in hyper spectral optical methods for quality- and process control of food products.

PhD Thesis : 2D Static Light Scattering for Dairy Based Applications
Presenter : Mr Jacob Lercke Skytte
Date : 17 of June 2014
Venue : Technical University of Denmark, Building 101A Meeting Center
Department : Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Professor Rasmus Larsen, DTU Compute 
Associate Professor Anders Bjorholm Dahl, DTU Compute

Assessment Committee: 
Professor Jussi Parkkinen, Monash University Malaysia
Professor Kalle Åström, Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Sweden 
Associate Professor Allan Aasbjerg Nielsen, DTU Compute (chairman) 

Chairman of the Proceedings: Associate Professor Henrik Aanæs, DTU Compute