The Freescale Cup 2014

The Freescale Cup competition is an annual event where universities nationwide build an autonomous model race car and compete for the fastest time around a pre-set race- track. This year, the competition was held at Multimedia University Cyberjaya on 24 May, where there were 39 teams from 26 universities.

Freescale Cup - Best Design  Freescale Cup - Team Raycer

Once again, the School of Engineering made a strong showing, represented by 3 teams (Unbeat, Sonic and Raycer) comprising students from the Mechatronics and Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering disciplines. 

The car designed by team Raycer, comprising Mechatronics students Lim Yen Khye, Beh Wei Cieh, Edmund Khoo and Hanson Ng, supervised by Senior Lecturer Mr Veera Ragavan, emerged one of the only four teams who successfully completed the race.

In addition to that, the team also won the Best Design award, where teams were judged on simplicity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their designs.

Congratulations to Team Raycer for the great achievement, whilst the efforts of teams Unbeat and Sonic are also to be commended.