IEM Chemical Engineering Design Competition

IEM Chemical Engineering Design Competition is a tournament organized by the Chemical Engineering Technical Division (CETD) of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM). The competition was held for the second time in 2014 and was open to all Chemical Engineering students nationwide. The purpose of this competition is to give an opportunity to all chemical engineering students to enhance the design competency using the skills and knowledge gained from the course.

Design Project (CHE4170) in Monash is a capstone project undertaken by the final year students in which students work in a team and apply the knowledge they have gained throughout the course to design an industrially important process. We typically selected 2 teams of students based on their skill, commitment and group work shown in CHE4170. There will be three submissions, one final oral and poster presentation which will take a semester to complete.

During this time, the lecturers involved in a particular topic will guide them through constant consultation and also provide a model draft for the tasks, where possible. Apart from the constant support on technical matters, the academics also inspire and motivate the students throughout the whole process which was found to be one of the reasons for them putting their best effort to submit a quality report.

We also sought help from our alumni who have won the competition in 2013 to mentor the two design teams. As a result of these initiatives, our students won the first and second place in the competition in 2014.