Warman Student Design & Build Competition

The Warman Competition is an annual event, typically held in September in Sydney, Australia. Year two engineering undergraduate students from Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand compete in the National Finals.

In Malaysia campus, we run a campus level competition in Semester 1. The winning team with a good working device will be sent to Sydney to compete at the National Finals. With the introduction of Arduino (microcontroller) workshop in our design course, the quality and reliability of devices build were improved tremendously.

In 2015, Mechanical Engineering students of Monash University Malaysia clinched a podium finish as they emerged as the 3rd place winner of the 2015 Warman Competition National Finals in Sydney, Australia. The victory this year, was made even sweeter when our students improved on their 4th place ranking achieved in 2014.

With greater support and collaboration with our counterpart teams in Clayton and those who have participated in the competition from our campus, we hope to improve student experience and network in the Warman Project. Through this activity, student are exposed to hands-on skills and are competitive at an international level.