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Buddy-Buddee is a voluntary peer mentoring programme for engineering students.

A Buddy is a current engineering student mentor and a Buddee is a new first year student mentee.

A Buddy provides support, guidance and advice to Buddees to help them adjust to academic and social life.


Mentor-mentee matches a School of Engineering academic with a student requiring expert assistance in coping with the rigours of engineering study.

Usually students will be guided by the Heads of Discipline to seek help through this mentor-mentee program. If students want to seek help on their own, then they should contact the following mentor-mentee coordinators.

To be confirm - Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

Dr Lim Jen Nee Jones - Mechanical Engineering

Dr Wu Ta Yeong - Chemical Engineering

Mr Veera Ragavan - Mechatronics Engineering

Dr Estee Yong - First Year Students