Buddy-Buddee program

Group picture at the end of the event. An astounding 152 participants

The registration process

About the program

What is the Buddy-Buddee Program?
The Buddy-Buddee Program is a Peer Mentoring Program for engineering students. Participation in the program is voluntary.
Who coordinates the program?
A committee consisting of engineering students led by the School of Engineering Student Representatives.
What is a Buddy?
A Buddy is a mentor.
Who can be a Buddy?
Any engineering student who has completed 1 semester in School of Engineering.
What is a Buddee?
A Buddee is a mentee.
Who can be a Buddee?
A new first year student in School of Engineering.
What is the role of a Buddy?
A Buddy provides support, guidance and advice to Buddees to help them adjust to their new academic and social life. A Buddy can assist Buddees with, for example, administrative issues, study strategies, selection of elective units, and selection of engineering course. A Buddy can also provide social support such as networking and friendship.
What are the benefits for a Buddee?
A Buddee has a peer he/she can count on for help academically and socially instead of feeling lost and not knowing who to turn to. A Buddy helps smooth and accelerate the transition of a Buddee from pre-university to first-year university life.
What are the benefits for a Buddy?
A Buddy can develop his/her social, communication and leadership skills. Certificate of successful participation in the program will be awarded by the School of Engineering. Peer mentoring is an important leadership role which can be highlighted in the resume in future job search.

Students getting to know each other before the event starts

How does the program work?

How to be a Buddy?
Anyone who wishes to be a Buddy must first register here before the deadline and attend a short briefing session on peer mentoring during the Buddy Buddee Night, which happens typically in the beginning of the semester.
How to be a Buddee?
Simply register to be a Buddee here before the deadline at the beginning of the semester.
When do the Buddys and Buddees meet to get to know each other?
During the Buddy-Buddee Night at the beginning of the semester.
How is a Buddee matched with a Buddy?
The committee will match a Buddee with a relevant Buddy of the same gender and discipline.
Who makes the first contact and how?
There will be an opportunity for both Buddy and Buddee to meet face-to-face during the Buddy Buddee Night.  After the event, the Buddy is expected to make the next contact with the Buddee by email or phone call.
How often should the Buddy contact the Buddee?
A rule of thumb for contact frequency is, on average, at least once every two weeks. However, the contact frequency should be higher initially in order to get to know each other.
Can the Buddee contact the Buddy as the need arises?
Do the Buddy and Buddee always have to meet in person?
Initially yes, in order to get to know each other. Later, contact could be made through email or internet chat or phone instead.
How long does the Buddy-Buddee pair have to commit to the program?
The whole semester.
What if the Buddy-Buddee relationship is not working?
Please see the advisor for the Buddy-Buddee Program.
What if you want to be a Buddy or a Buddee again the following semester?
Simply register as a Buddy or to be a Buddee again here at the beginning of the semester.

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Committee and Contact Details

Engineering Student Representative  musa.fac.eng@monash.edu