ECSE Alumni

Hi I'm Raimi, 2014 ECSE graduate. I am a Project Engineer at MRT Corporation, where I project manage the design, manufacturing and commissioning of the autonomous electric trains for the MRT Line 2.
Hi, I am Zubair Juzar, 2012 ECSE alumni, currently working as Business Development Executive at MISC Bhd, a specialist in Energy Transportation. My team focuses on business development activities for LNG shipping opportunities.
Hi, I am Dr. Siti Khairuni Amalina, 2012 ECSE graduate. I am a Software Engineer at Intel Malaysia, where my team is developing Clear Linux OS for Intel platforms.
Hi, I am Kamna Sookha, 2018 ECSE graduate. I am an Electrical Engineer at La Sentinelle Ltd, the leading media, printing, distribution and logistics group in Mauritius. I am currently working on the implementation of an Energy Management System, in parallel with the electrical installation and maintenance of heavy printing and distribution machines.
Hi, I am Jo-Anne Tan, 2017 ECSE graduate. I am a Solution Sales Engineer at Beckhoff Automation, a German company specializing in open automation systems based on PC control technology. I design and configure cost-effective yet powerful automation systems for the clients, including IoT features and cloud computing, allowing them to embrace Industry 4.0 with ease.
Hi, I am Theivendran Karthikan, 2014 ECSE graduate. I am a Technology Entrepreneur at Twinery - the innovation arm of MAS Holdings, which manufactures apparel and wearable products. I am proud of my team's recent launch of a device that improves muscle recovery in athletes. You can read more about it here

Hi, I am Tay Jian Zhen, 2017 ECSE graduate. I am working at Intel as a Software Quality Analyst and Tool Engineer. My team focuses on developing electronic dashboard with end to end product lifecycle traceability.

Hi, I am Ashley Ang, 2017 ECSE graduate. I am a Circuit Design Engineer at Sony EMCS Malaysia, where I am responsible for the hardware and system integration design of LCD TV.
Hi, I am Dr Arvind Rajan, 2014 ECSE graduate. I am a Data Scientist at Brookfield Asset Management in Melbourne, where I apply AI in my work.
Hi, I am Eu Jin, 2017 ECSE graduate. I am a software design engineer at Sony EMCS Malaysia, where I am part of a team that is implementing a new system for Sony’s production line worldwide.
Hi, I am Cho Thean Loon (Thomas), 2008 ECSE graduate. I am Senior IT Infra Manager at Prudential Services Asia, a regional company that manages IT for Prudential within Asia Pacific.
Hi, I am Ling Ying, 2008 ECSE graduate. I am a Chartered Engineer at Mott Macdonald, an engineering consulting company focusing on system engineering for the transportation and building sector.
Hi, I am Joycelyn Chan, 2015 ECSE graduate. I am a Signalling System Engineer at Bombardier, designing signalling interface for the MRT Line 2 project. I am also a member of the ECSE Industry Advisory Panel.
Hi, I am Ming Jun, 2017 ECSE graduate. I am a Data Engineer at Littlewood, a company that manufactures labelled data sets for machine learning. I design and implement the pipeline system for the manufacturing process.
Hi, I am Tham Wanyeng, 2018 ECSE graduate. I am an Electrical Engineer at Bakun Sejati, where I test electrical relays and design schematics.
Hi, I am Dr Tey Wei Keat, 2014 ECSE graduate. I am a software engineer at a German company, Durr NDT, creating software to analyse non-destructive testing images.
Hi, I am Ng Yeat Jeng, 2018 ECSE graduate. I am a Software Engineer at Dyson, where I contribute to the development of Dyson robotics software, which utilizes image processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Hi, I am Shahnewaz Chowdhury, 2009 ECSE graduate. I am a Senior R&D Engineer at Elid, where I design and develop intelligent vision-based security systems.
Hi, I am Ashok Selvamany, 2017 ECSE graduate. I am a CPU Validation Engineer at Intel, where I develop hardware and software tools to detect flaws in Intel's CPU designs and liaises with circuit designers and computer architects to resolve these flaws.
Hi, I am Dixon, 2014 ECSE graduate. I lead, a main cable company that designs and manufactures premium high-speed data and USB Type C cables. Prior to my current role, I was with Grab, leading demand planning and marketing strategy in all countries where Grab has operations.
Hi, I am Krishen, 2018 ECSE graduate. I applied deep learning to gaze tracking in my final year project and I am currently a software developer at Duerr NDT.