Monash Chem-E Car Competition 2018

The 5th Monash Chem-E Car Competition 2018 was  held on the 26th and 27th February 2018. Nine teams of four engineering students each brought their shoebox-sized cars to run on the track. The basic rule was that each car had to be powered and stopped by chemical reactions only. It needed to travel a specified distance while carrying a given load of water. The travel distance and load to carry was only announced an hour prior to the competition. Two challenges were given, namely the Goal Post Challenge and Bowling Pin Challenge. In both challenges, the car had to hit a golf ball that was placed at the center of the track at the distance specified. Students were allowed an hour to prepare the power and stopping mechanisms  to complete the main tasks as well as to score additional points by accomplishing the challenges.

Aside from the Car Performance category, a Poster competition was also held between the teams. A panel of judges from the School of Engineering was invited to assess the cars and posters in terms of power and stopping mechanisms, design creativity and unique features, environmental and safety features, economic aspects and overall poster quality.

Team Teen Titans and Team Zero Moist came out as the winning teams and represented Monash Malaysia at the 13th Malaysia Chem-E Car Competition 2018 held at the Terengganu Advanced Technical Institute University College (TATIUC), Terengganu between the 30th to the 31st of  March 2018. This competition provided these teams with a memorable experience and with hope of Monash University being a pride at the national level!