Chem-E Car competition 2019

The School of Engineering holds its annual Chem-E Car competition on 4 March 2019.

The Chem-E Car is an annual challenge for engineering undergraduate students to design and construct a shoe box-sized car, which is to be powered and stopped by chemical reactions. The car has to carry a certain load of water for a specified distance, hit a golf ball into a goal post or a set of bowling pins and stop autonomously.

On the 5th of March 2019, four teams of young engineers competed in the Internal Chem-E Car Competition at the foyer of Monash University Malaysia. Kick-started with a welcome speech by the host, Team RexCar 2.0 brought their 3-D printed car to run on the track, followed by teams V2OverConfident, Matchless Mixture and Wobblers. The competition was divided into three different categories, namely the Car Performance, Poster Competition and Popularity Contest. While the Car Performance and Poster Competition were assessed solely by a panel of judges from the School of Engineering, the Popularity Contest allowed spectators to vote for their most preferred team’s poster.

The winning teams, Team V2OverConfident and Team Matchless Mixture for Car Performance and Poster Competition respectively, will be representing Monash Malaysia at the 14th National Chem-E Car Competition which is to be held at UniKL MICET, Malacca between the 29th and 30th of March 2019. Meanwhile, Team RexCar 2.0 won the Popularity Contest. Wishing them the very best and congratulations once again!

We hope that the Chem-E Car provides a fun and interactive learning experience to our engineering students at Monash.

Ancora Imparo!