Mechanical Engineering student wins Tan Sri Ir. Yusoff Best FYP competition

Student name: Johnathan Goh Yue Herng

Graduation Year: 2018

Project title: Design and development of a thermoelectric cooling device for uni- and bi-directional freezing

Project Description

Cryo-cell imaging traditionally applies the use of bulky and complex microscopes for the research into cell death by freezing, to which when properly understood could assist in the advancement of cancer treatment alternatives in the future. This project sought to simplify the process with the design of an optimized heat exchanger, connected to a simple-to-use thermoelectric cooler module. The goal was to enable uni- and bi-directional freezing on a simple light microscope glass slide down to a temperature of -50℃ for the ease of use by future researchers. Surprisingly, the results obtained an insufficient lowest of -41.275℃ and an ice front propagation of below 4-mm at room temperature. However, the study found that the relative importance of the optimization of the thermoelectric module over the attached heat exchanger is crucial for the advancement of this technology, to which future works dependent on high efficiency thermoelectric materials were advised.

Competition Description

The Tan Sri Ir. Yusoff Best Final Year Project (FYP) Competition is an academic award with the main objective of encouraging engineering undergraduates throughout the nation to produce quality Final Year Projects. It was initiated by IEM Education Fund and jointly conducted by IEM and The Institution of Engineering and Technology Malaysia (IET). The competition is opened to all universities with accredited engineering programs and each university could nominate its best FYP for participation. All submissions were evaluated based on the aim, research objective, research questions, knowledge gap and major findings of their research.