Sustainability in Civil Engineering Exhibition and Competition 2021

Congratulations to the MysFlood team for winning a Gold Award and a Special Award as selected by Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills.  Another team, the Green Eco-lution won a Silver Award. Both teams, consisting of students and staff members from the Civil Engineering Discipline, participated in the recently held Sustainability in Civil Engineering Exhibition and Competition 2021.

The Sustainability in Civil Engineering Exhibition and Competition (SiCEx) 2021 was an international level competition organised by the School of Civil Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia. The competition was based on idea realisation, in which each team submitted a written proposal and a video to showcase an original research project based on the competition theme and its impact to the economy, society and environment. The 2021’s theme was “Prevention of Disaster: Towards Zero Flood & Healthy Water Resources for A Better Nation”, focussing on sustainability leading to a better nation within the field of Civil Engineering. The competition aimed to promote innovation in Civil Engineering design work and to churn out the brightest talents for product development and commercialization. The event was held in stages between 15th June 2021 and 25th June 2021: 15th June was the submission date, 18-20June was the virtual exhibition, and 25th June 2021 was the closing ceremony and award-giving ceremony.

Both the teams were supervised by Ir. Dr. Izni Zahidi, Dr. M.E. Raghunandan and Assoc. Prof. Amin Talei. MysFlood team consisted of Muhammad Ikhwan bin Jamaludin (PhD candidate), Celine Ang Xin-Yao (second year bachelor student) and Muhammad Afiq Fadhly Anuwar (Technical Officer). The MysFlood team presented their project titled “An Intelligent Approach Using E-Commerce App for Flood Hazard Data Collection” where the team proposed a novel approach using e-Commerce Apps (including attractive reward system, such as think Shopee coins) to collect flood data from the public and complement the government’s flood database and near-real-time reporting. This idea was motivated by the booming e-Commerce industry globally.

Green Eco-lution was represented by Zafira Madzin (PhD candidate), Dr. Andreas Aditya Hermawan (postdoctoral researcher), Sean Wong Zi Hui (final year bachelor student) and Muhammad Afiq Fadhly (Technical Officer). The team showcased the project titled “A Sustainable Approach for On-site Heavy Metal Removal from Surface Runoff using Spent Mushroom Compost Biochar in Geosynthetic Bags”, where the team proposed biochar made from spent mushroom compost as media in geosynthetic bags to remove heavy metal onsite from surface runoff.

The participants saw this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting and forward-thinking industry. It was one of their highlights here in Monash University Malaysia. They were initially nervous as it was their first virtual competition with international repute -  many great innovations were presented in it. It was also challenging as they were unable to carry out face-to-face brainstorming and recording due to the Movement Control Order. Hence, they had to meet virtually to plan and record individual videos separately before all the snippets were edited and combined into a complete video.

Well done to the teams and thank you for making us proud with your achievements!

MysFlood  Team