Mechanical Engineering

Advanced materials and micro/nano-mechanics

In Advanced Materials and Micro/nano Mechanics Research group at Monash we explore the fundamental crystal structural and physical properties of nanostructured materials, constitutive theory and toughening mechanisms of advanced materials and their multi-scale modelling. We also do research on fabrication and characterization of polymer nancomposites for different applications such as self-healing, bionanocomposites, 3D printing, water filtration, food packaging, built environment and etc.

Bio-medical engineering

The Biomedical Engineering group is dedicated to the study of biophysical and physiological problems related to medicine. We develop mathematical and computational models to facilitate with disease diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as to explore the fundamental understanding of disease formation.


We investigate the fluid behaviour and energy transport experimentally and theoretically for applications in microfluidics, acoustics, combustion, clean energy, energy conservation and cooling technology.

Innovative design

We draw on a broad spectrum of engineering know how to develop innovative solutions to solve a wide variety of problems. We are supported by a wide variety of design tools, software and manufacturing capabilities.

Automation and non-destructive testing

We develop novel optical testing and other non-destructive testing techniques in different fields, such as freeform surface measurement, underwater detection, defect inspection, and defense applications.