Adjunct Assoc. Prof. Amin Talei

Adjunct Associate Professor
School of Engineering

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Personal statement

Amin Talei is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Monash University Malaysia (MUM). Amin was the head of the Civil Engineering Discipline from Sep-2019 to Dec-2022 and the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) chair from 2018 to 2020. Amin also led the mentor-mentee initiative for undergraduate students in the School of Engineering during 2018-2019.

Amin is undertaking research in two main areas:

(1) Sustainable Urban Water Management, which is mainly focused on nature-based solutions for urban water management. This includes topics such as biofiltration systems, swales, and rain gardens.

(2) Rainfall-Runoff Modelling and Flood Forecasting, which is focused on developing both physically-based models and artificial intelligence techniques to better predict river flows and floods. His primary research goal is to introduce and lead the projects that can contribute to the sustainability of our environment, specifically water bodies.

Amin has had three successful government grants (2 FRGS grants from Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and one eScience from Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Malaysia), and one research grant from Advanced Engineering Platform of Monash University as the project leader. He has been also the co-researcher in another 4 government grants, 1 industry grant, and 1 international grant from Europe Union. To date, Amin has graduated 5 postgraduate students as the main supervisor. In 2017, Amin was awarded the supervisor of the year award by Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA). Moreover,  his research outputs are published in high-ranked journals and reputable international conference proceedings.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental & Water Resources Engineering, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, 2013
  • Master's Degree in Civil Engineering-Hydraulic Structures, the University of Tehran, Iran, 2002
  • Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran, 1999

Professional affiliations

  • Member of Engineers Australia (EA)
  • Chartered Professional Engineer (MIEAust-CPEng)

Research Interests

  • Sustainable Urban Water Management
  • Rainfall-Runoff Modelling and Flood forecasting
  • Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Hydrological Modelling

Research Projects

Title: Sustainable Management of Stormwater Quantity and Quality in Tropical Urban Catchment Using Biofiltration Basin - An Experimental Study

Biofiltration systems are landscape depressions or shallow basins used to slow and treat on-site stormwater runoff and are considered as one of the important components of a sustainable drainage system. This project is an experimental study followed by computational analysis to characterize the key components in designing Biofiltration systems for stormwater treatment under tropical conditions of Malaysia. This study has been focused on identifying proper soil filter media and also suitable tropical plant species to be employed in biofiltration systems.

Title: Real Time Rainfall - Runoff Modelling

This study is focused on developing real-time rainfall-runoff models using neuro-fuzzy systems which are capable of evolving through time. These models are designed to be updated continuously by their online learning mechanism which allows them to adapt to any potential spatial and temporal changes of the catchment.


Units taught

CIV2263 - Water Systems

CIV3285 - Engineering Hydrology

CIV4288 - Water Treatment


Goh, Hui Weng; Lem, Khe Sin; Azizan, Nor Ariza; Chang, Chun Kiat; Talei, Amin; Leow, Cheng Siang; Zakaria, Nor Azazi (2019) A review of bioretention components and nutrient removal under different climates—future directions for tropics, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, (14904-14919), Volume: 26, Issue Number: 09441344, 10.1007/s11356-019-05041-0

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Hermawan, Andreas Aditya; Jung, Da Yoon; Talei, Amin (2018) Removal Process of Nutrients and Heavy Metals in Tropical Biofilters, E3S Web of Conferences, Volume: 65, 10.1051/e3sconf/20186505026

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Talei, A.; Chua, L. H.C.; Quek, C. (2011) Dynamic evolving neural-fuzzy inference system for rainfall-runoff (R-R) modelling, 34th IAHR Congress 2011 - Balance and Uncertainty: Water in a Changing World, Incorporating the 33rd Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium and the 10th Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering, (1514-1521),

Local grants

  • Sustainable Management of Stormwater Quantity and Quality in Tropical Urban Catchments Using Biofiltration Basins- an Experimental Study, Talei, A. , Deletic, A., Zakaria, N.A., Wu, T. Y., Alaghmand, S., Saw L. G., 2015-2018, MOSTI-eScience, RM151, 600
  • An advanced river flood risk map prediction for flood disaster management: economical and ecological assessment framework, Talei, A. , Alaghmand, S., Hung Y. M., Abustan, I. B., 2015-2019, MOHE-FRGS, RM92, 200
  • A novel computing method based on artificial intelligence for real-time flood Forecasting, Talei, A. , Ooi, P.L., 2014-2018, MOHE-FRGS, RM91,300
  • A sustainable green wall system survives by recycled grey water, Talei, A., Poh P.E., Barclay, H., Sarker, A.,  2016-2018, Advanced Engineering Platform, Monash University Malaysia, RM65,700
  • South Quay water quality control, Khu S.T., Talei, A., 2019-2020Sunway Group, RM100,000.
  • Smart Lab for Engineering Design (SLED) , Talei, A., Kalavally, V., Lim J.N., Balan, P., Chew, E., 2018-2019,  Monash Strategic Education Funding, RM280,500.

International Grants

  • RECONECT- Regenerating ECOsystems with Nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk Reduction, Khu S.T., Talei, A., 2018-2023, European Commission Research and Innovation Funding (Horizon 2020-SC5-08-2017), RM500,000

Current supervision

Mayuran Jayatharan

Advanced  River  Flood Risk  Map  Prediction  for Flood Disaster  Management

2019 - Present

Monash University Malaysia

Completed supervision

Andreas Aditya Hermawan

Biofiltration System for Stormwater Management in Tropical Areas

2014 - 2018

Monash University Malaysia

Hossein Daneshmand

Investigating the Role of Vegetation and Climate Change in Ephemeral Catchment Salinity Using Multi-domain, Physically-based Modelling


Monash University Malaysia

Ong Hon Lim

Hydrological Impacts of Land Use Change on Streamflow Quantity in Klang Catchment


Monash University Malaysia

Chang Tak Kwin

Real-time Flood Forecasting by Dynamic Evolving Neuro-fuzzy Systems

2015 - 2019

Monash University Malaysia

Local Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • Certificate of Commendation for Excellence in Education from School of Engineering, Monash University Malaysia (Apr 2019)
  • Certificate of Commendation for Excellence in Education from School of Engineering, Monash University Malaysia (Jan 2017)
  • Supervisor of the Year, MUPA, 2017