Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering at Monash University Malaysia

Ever wonder what chemical engineers do?

Chemical engineers are the unsung heroes of the modern industrial revolution who have helped to  shape our society and improve the quality of our lives. They develop processes that produce everything from food to fuels, help conserve and manage resources, and protect the environment.

You can find chemical engineers in almost every industry such as petrochemical, oleochemical, energy, water,  food and beverages, environmental management,  - just to name a few.

Owing to rapid population growth, depleting natural resources and environmental degradation, there are many grand challenges facing the world today and tomorrow. Study Chemical Engineering if you would like to help to overcome some of these challenges and develop sustainable solutions for the future.

Chemical Engineering at Monash University Malaysia is the right place for you to develop your future. Here are the reasons why.

Event & Announcement

Chemical Engineering is now establishing the Student Mentoring Program. The objective of this program is to assist any student who requires consultation on education learning skills, future career path, academic performance, referee for internship or job etc.

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