Student ID photo sessions

[ Please plan your Student ID session via the Orientation Planner ]

Requirement prior to the student ID photo sessions


  • Possess a current International Student Pass endorsement (for international students only).
  • Activate your Authcate account in order to log into Web Enrolment System (WES).
  • Complete the Online Enrolment Questionnaire at and record the transaction number for successful completion on the Student ID Card Request Form.
  • Update your emergency contact details at
  • Complete the Course Enrolment process with your school.
  • Complete the details in the Student ID Card Request Form.

Please bring along all the following for verification purposes:

  • Completed Student ID Card Request Form
  • National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)/Passport

Note: Your student ID card can be used for the following purposes:

  • As identification by Monash University Malaysia staff when you make an enquiry at a service counter.
  • When using Library and Learning Commons services and facilities, such as to add credits to printing balances and to print documents.
  • As an entry pass to an examination room (as your student ID card must be displayed at all time-tabled examinations).
  • As a permitted ‘smart card’ purposes, such as building and room access (where authorised).

Terms of use:

  • Student ID cards remain the property of Monash University Malaysia and are not transferable. The ID cards must be carried at all times within Monash University Malaysia, shown or surrendered on demand to authorised staff.
  • The loss of student ID cards must be reported to the Student Services counter and the Library and Learning Commons immediately. Otherwise, debts incurred because of its misuse, e.g. library fines, will be your responsibility.