Global Leadership and Advanced Research Program (GLARP)

The Global Leadership and Advanced Research Program (GLARP) is a prestigious, externally-funded, invitation-only program linked to the International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR). It is designed to provide you an opportunity to work together with fellow undergraduates at other world class universities.

Eligibility and Application

High-achieving undergraduate students with a minimum Weighted Average Mark of 70%. This is a credit bearing unit which can contribute towards your degree.

To apply, drop us an email and we will provide you with an Invitation Letter to enroll in the program. Your Course Management Office will assist with your unit enrollment.

What we do in GLARP

You will work in a small multidisciplinary research team to construct a research grant proposal. Experienced professionals from academia and industry will provide interactive Masterclasses where you will receive support and guidance through the grant writing process. During the Program, you will gain unique opportunities to collaborate with fellow undergraduate peers at other world class universities in Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and North America. Following the successful completion of the Program, all research grant proposals will be reviewed and a select few will receive funding to carry out their projects.


  • Acquire and hone highly sought-after skills in research and leadership
  • Develop competency and agility to work in a global, cross-cultural environment
  • Identify and develop research synergies across disciplines
  • Learn to write up research for different publication genres including refereed journals
  • Refine your ability to communicate complex research findings and ideas to intelligent multidisciplinary audiences

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