International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)

ICUR is a two-day interdisciplinary undergraduate research conference that connects fellow undergraduates presenting at their home campuses to peers across the world such as Australia, England and North America, using video-conferencing technology. ICUR is supported by the Monash Warwick Alliance, a partnership between two leading universities, Monash University and the University of Warwick.

Eligibility and Application

All undergraduate students are eligible to participate. Simply submit a 250 word abstract on your research topic at the ICUR portal. Note that application deadlines apply.


  • Access an international network of interdisciplinary undergraduate researchers who are excited to share insights with their peers
  • Develop your interdisciplinary & intercultural communication, and public speaking skills
  • Experience professional development opportunities that are valued by employers and prepare you for postgraduate studies
  • Showcase your research work to an international audience in a professional and supportive environment


We have prepared a folder to help you begin your ICUR experience. To gain access, please ensure that you are signed in to your Monash account.

ICUR 2022 Student Community on Microsoft Teams

Join the ICUR 2022 Student Community on Microsoft Teams for updates, training sessions, and additional support. Participating in this group will improve your chances of submitting a successful abstract and being selected to present at ICUR.

To join, please follow the steps below:

1. Sign up to be added to this Teams group at the ICUR portal website here.

2. When you have been added to the ICUR 2022 Student Community on Microsoft Teams, you should receive an email notification to the email address you signed up with – follow the link to the Teams group in the notification email (you may need to complete some steps to link your email to a Microsoft account).

3. If you are logged in to Microsoft Teams and are seeing a blank screen and/or are unable to see the ICUR 2022 Student Community Teams group, we would suggest clicking the circle in the top right corner of the page signifying your profile, and selecting 'University of Warwick - guest'. This should allow you to see the ICUR Student Community Teams space.

More Information