Medical insurance

1) Why Do You Need Insurance?

Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) requires all international students to have a valid Medical Insurance policy throughout their period of study
in Malaysia (a valid insurance cover must be procured for the duration of the student pass issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia).

All international students must be covered by a locally purchased medical insurance scheme.

2) Which Insurance Company?

Monash University Malaysia has appointed AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad (AIG) as our Medical Insurance provider.

3) Who Is Covered?

International students with a valid Student Pass studying at Monash University Malaysia.

4) Where Can I Collect My AIG Student Assist Card?

Upon procurement of your medical insurance policy, AIG Student Assist Card will be issued to you. You will be notified via your Monash email account to collect your AIG Student Assist Card. Collection can only be done during working hours which is between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday at International Student Support (ISS), Student Experience Unit.

5) What Are The Consequences If I Fail To Be Covered With Insurance?

Student pass application will not be processed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

6) Procedure For Seeking Outpatient Treatment.


Student may visit any nearby clinic or hospital and consult with a doctor for treatment.


Pay all medical expenses.



Download Claim Form and view sample on How to Fill in Claim Form. Forms can be found at Download Links.


Submit the completed claim form, photocopy of passport info page, original receipts, original invoices, and bank account details to ISS Staff, Student Experience Unit, Building 2, Level 2.



Reimbursement claim will be credited to student’s local bank account.

7) Procedure For Seeking Inpatient Treatment 


For any admission, hospital or student to call AIG Alarm Centre for activation.
If require further assistance or clarification, please call International Student Support (ISS) Emergency number
(24-hours) at +6019 272 5859.


  1. Produce the following documents for verification upon admission at hospital - AIG student assist card,
    Monash student ID and  passport (or Acknowledgement Receipt of Passport and certified true copy of passport).
  2. You (or an authorized personnel) will be requested to sign the Release of Medical Information File (ROMIF).
  3. AIG Alarm Centre will liaise with hospital to issue a Guarantee Letter.
  4. Student may be requested to pay a deposit subject to the hospital’s admission policy.


You will be admitted to a two bedded room and treated by the attending doctor.


  1. Upon being discharged from the hospital, no payment is required (except for excluded items in the policy
    and/or excess of benefits).
  2. AIG will settle your medical bills with the hospital and excess of the deposit will be refunded by hospital accordingly.

8) Important Contacts

Building 2, Level 2, Monash University Malaysia,
Jalan Lagoon Selatan, 47500 Bandar Sunway, Selangor
Emergency Numbers: +603 551 46333 or +6019 272 5859

Sample of AIG Student Assist Card the contact number

9) Download Links

    1. AIG International Student Insurance (ISI) Policy. According to the date of purchase/renewal of insurance.
    a.   ISI 2017 Policy (PDF) (Commencement as of 1st January 2017)
    b.   ISI 2018 Policy (PDF) (Commencement as of 1st January 2018)
    c.   New ISI 2018 Policy (PDF) (Commencement as of 1st April 2018)

    2. Sample Claim Form.   
    How to Fill In AIG Claim Form (Illness/Accident) (PDF)

    3. Claim Form.
    AIG Claim Form (Illness/Accident) (PDF)