Enrol in units

The standard duration of the course you are enrolling into is 3 years (6 semesters). Each year is divided into two semesters and the normal full-time study load is four units (24 credit points) per semester. As a full-time student, you enroll in eight units (48 credit points) per year to complete your course in the standard duration.

You will normally enroll in three science units and one elective in October semester. The three science units are:

  1. BIO1022 Life on Earth
  2. CHM1051 Chemistry 1 advanced
  3. SCI1020 Introduction to statistical reasoning

Choose one from the following units as your elective:

1.  AMU1017 Academic literacies
2.  AMU1278 Communication technologies and practices
3.  AMU1304 Television studies: Forms and approaches
4.  AMU1309 Introduction to sexuality studies
5.  AMU1326 Transformation from above: Globalisation and the state
6.  BTW1042 Malaysian business law
7.  ECW1101 Introductory microeconomics
8.  MGW1010 Introduction to management
9.  MKW1120 Marketing theory and practice
10.FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security
11.FIT1051 Programming fundamentals in java
12.PSY1022 Psychology 1B, and many more.

You are allowed to change your units after your have clicked the SUBMIT ENROLMENT button on the Web Enrolment System (WES), up until the end of the second week of the semester. If you require further assistance selecting your units please contact us at scienceinquiries.my@monash.edu .

While the staff of School of Science will endeavor to give every possible assistance and advice concerning your course, it is your responsibility to ensure that you understand and meet the requirements for the course in which you are enrolled. Do come and see us at the CMO if you need advice.