Trends and Strategies of Future Meat Innovation


The world is changing fast. With the ever-increasing population and rapid urbanization, the conflict between sufficient food supply and environmental stress to our planetary system is becoming increasingly intensified. Under this circumstance, there is currently a paradigm shift in both the food academia and industry toward the production of healthy, personalized and sustainable meat and meat products. In this talk, a comprehensive review on the current progress will be discussed. It will include the introductions on the state-of-art trends as well as strategies for the innovation of future meat and meat products. Strategies like salt reduction, fat substitute and healthy oil structuring, hazardous elimination technology, colloidal engineering, 3D printing, plant-based and cultured meat technologies, etc., will be emphasized. Finally, we will together prospect the future challenges and opportunities in this field.

Speaker's Profile:

Dr. Chen is currently an Associate Professor at State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology, Jiangnan University, China. He completed his M.S. in Hefei University of Technology with Prof. Conggui Chen, followed by a Ph.D. at Nanjing Agricultural University with Prof. Xinglian Xu. Also, he has been a visiting scholar at the laboratory in Niigata University (with Prof. Tadayuki Nishiumi) and University of Kentucky (with Prof. Youling L. Xiong), respectively. His research laid particular interests on fundamental knowledge of food proteins with a special focus on muscle proteins, and aims to advance technologies to meet growing demands for sustainable and functional product. He is the Associate Editor of Current Research in Food Science, and a member of the editorial boards of Journal of Food Biochemistry and Journal of Agriculture and Food Research.