Genomics and Bioinformatics

Members: Prof. Sadequr Rahman, Prof. Qasim Ayub, Dr. Wee Wei Yee, Dr Cheah Hong Leong

DNA sequencing technologies have matured remarkably in the decade since the completion of the Human Genome Project. Decreasing costs and the reduced amount of time it takes to sequence entire genomes has enabled an exponential growth in the number of species that have been sequenced since the completion of the reference human genome and holds much promise in promoting personalized medicine, understanding genetic variation and its role in health and disease and the evolution of species.

Understanding the complete genetic makeup of a species is just a stepping stone to improving knowledge and answering fundamental biological questions. Computational tools have been developed along with the sequencing technologies to assist in data mining and make sense of these strings of A, C, G and Ts, the building blocks of DNA

Under this theme, the School supports the Genomics Facility (also referred to as the Monash University Malaysia Genomics Facility - MUMGF) within the Tropical Medicine and Biology Multidisciplinary Platform. MUMGF provides massively-parallel DNA sequencing services to support the research of Monash University staff and students from both Malaysia and Australia and external clients.

It has published more than 100 papers since its inception in 2013. Current projects include full genome sequences of globally and locally relevant fish and bacteria, mitogenomes and metagenomics of bacterial and other ecosystems, transcriptomics and population genetics of birds and rice.

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Genomics Facility User Group Members

Prof. Maude Elvira Phipps (Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences)

Prof. Sadequr Rahman (TMB Multidisciplinary Platform/School of Science)

Prof. Sharifah Syed Hassan (Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences)

Prof. Qasim Ayub (MUMGF/School of Science)

Prof Adeline Ting Su Yien (School of Science)

A/Prof. Kumaran Narayanan (School of Science)

Dr. Song Beng Kah (School of Science)

Dr. Lee Wai Leng (School of Science)

Dr. Wee Wei Yee (School of Science)

Dr. Cheah Hong Leong (School of Science)

Ms. Lim Shu Yong (MUMGF/TMB)