Model: MCR 302

Manufacturer: Anton Paar


The MCR 302 is a highly sensitive instrument capable of performing a wide range of rheological measurements. Both rotational and oscillatory measurements can be performed using either Double Gap or Cone or Plate geometries. The Double Gap geometry allows for measurement of low viscosity fluids to a very high degree of accuracy, such as variations in water viscosity in the presence of brine salts. Peltier heating systems allow for measurement up to 200 °C while a high pressure cell (Double Gap and Concentric Cylinder) enables measurements to be performed at up to 400 Bar.

Technical Specifications
PropertiesUnitMCR 302
EC motor Yes
Maximum torquemNm200
Min. torque, rotationnNm1
Min. torque, oscillationnNm0.5
Angular deflection (set value)μrad0.05 to ∞
Min. angular velocityrad/s10ˆ-9
Max. angular velocityrad/s314
Max. speed1/min3000
Min. angular frequencyrad/s10ˆ-7
Max. angular frequencyrad/s628
Normal force rangeN0.005 - 50
Normal force resolutionmN0.5
Max. temperature range°C-160 to +1000


Person in charge: Kanakeswary

Lab location: 4-7-01

Email address: kanakeswary.mani@monash.edu

Contact number: +603 55146000 (ext: 59617)