Lim Su Yin

Please describe your experience with SCI3990.
Overall, I felt very good when taking SCI3990. My supervisor, Associate Professor Siow Lee Fong guided me patiently throughout this unit. She gave me very good comments when I faced a problem but at the same time, she also trained me to become a more independent person. As for the facilities, they were in good shape and I had enough space to conduct my research.

What qualities did you acquire after completed SCI3990?
After taking this unit, I had gained valuable knowledge that I could not obtain through other units. This is because I had to plan and conduct the experiments all by myself, unlike the normal laboratory session whereby sometimes the demonstrator would help us to carry out the experiment. I had learnt how to use the equipment which was very useful when I started to work. Moreover, I also learn to arrange my time wisely when taking this unit. This is because I had to complete the other units’ assignments and at the same time I had to make sure my progress of this unit was on the track. Besides, I had improved my thesis writing skill. Unlike the lab report which was very short, the thesis was longer and I knew the important things that had to be included when I interpreted my results. I also used the knowledge that I have learnt before when writing my thesis such as SPSS.

Would you encourage other current students to enrol in SCI3990?
I would encourage other students to take this unit. I am very grateful that I met many seniors and supervisor who were very willing to guide me and always encouraged me when I felt tired. This is a very good pathway for me to apply the knowledge that I had learnt. Besides, I had gained many skills such as writing, presentation, and communication skills.