Members: A/Prof. Lim Yau Yan, A/Prof. Emily Goh Joo Kheng, Dr. Cheow Yuen Lin, Dr. Pushpamalar Janarthanan, Dr. Joash Tan Ban Lee, Dr. Irene Ling, Dr. Yeong Keng Yoon, Ken, Prof. Steve Langford

The chemistry group has established research strengths in the following areas:

  • Chemical analysis, e.g. trace metals analysis by AAS; analysis of pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, sugars and natural products by HPLC and LC-MS.
  • Antioxidant activity assays and various other bioactivity tests of plant extracts in collaboration with members of microbiology and cell biology groups.
  • Natural product chemistry, synthesis of inorganic/organic compounds of pharmaceutical/ medicinal interests.
  • Developing new biodegradable polymers using plant waste to be used as control release device for anticancer drug and slow release device for application of fertilizer in agriculture.

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