Biodegradable Microplastics: Friends or Foes?


We all know that biodegradable microplastics are one of the solutions to the world’s plastic pollution problems. Yes, they (physically) disintegrate slightly easier, and yes, they shorten the lifespan of plastics. But how much do we know about their interactions with their (aquatic) environments, both biotic as well as abiotic? Let’s find out together!

Speaker's Profile:

Dr. Faddrine is an aquatic scientist with expertise in water quality (bio-geochemistry, oceanography, limnology, and hydrology), environmental monitoring and assessments, environmental pollution (microplastics), and eco-toxicology (heavy/trace metals). Dr. Faddrine earned a PhD in Environmental/Aquatic Science (Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak) and continued a Post-Doctoral research on Building Microplastic Monitoring Capacity in Malaysia; and collaborated with both local and international universities/institutions, while participating in multiple environmental-awareness outreach programs.