Mentor-mentee program

Mentor-mentee program

This program is aimed to provide you guidance and advice throughout your three years of study at Monash. An academic staff will be assigned to you, you will receive your mentor details via email. We encourage you to meet with your academic mentor at least once a semester. You can also reach out to other academics in your discipline apart from the mentor assigned to you.

The Mentor-Mentee list (to know your academic mentor) is available in the webdrive. Need help with Network account login and password? Click here. Please contact ITS if you need further help on network account login or password.

How to find the Mentor-Mentee list in the webdrive?
Login to Webdrive --> click drop down at the right corner, select School --> click on School of Science --> search for Mentor-Mentee list


Academics according to disciplines:

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