Chin Jia En

Please describe your experience with SCI3990.
I learned a lot of things that could not be learned in usual lectures or even practical classes such as new laboratory techniques. I found that my literature search and writing skills have also improved. My supervisor, Dr. Adeline, not only guided me on my experimental design, but she also taught me how to present and discuss my findings properly. As I did the unit when I was in year 2, there were a lot of laboratory techniques that I was not familiar with. Fortunately, the seniors in my lab were very kind to teach me the techniques and how to use some of the laboratory equipment.

What qualities did you acquire after completed SCI3990?
I learned to analyze a vast amount of scientific journals and critically come up with new ideas. Most importantly, I learned critical thinking skills from troubleshooting along with the experiment as well as time management skills.

Would you encourage other current students to enrol in SCI3990?
Yes, I would encourage other students to enrol in SCI3990 because it is like no other units in which learning materials have been prepared for us. Instead, it requires a lot of independent research.