Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer A

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer B


Model: AAnalyst 100 and PinAAcle 900F

Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer


Atomic spectroscopy is the technique for determining the elemental composition of an analyte by its electromagnetic or mass spectrum. Atomic Absorption (AA) occurs when a ground state atom absorbs energy in the form of light of a specific wavelength and is elevated to an excited state. The amount of light energy absorbed at this wavelength will increase as the number of atoms of the selected element in the light path increases. The relationship between the amount of light absorbed and the concentration of analytes present in known standards can be used to determine unknown sample concentrations by measuring the amount of light they absorb.

Parameters Available:
  1. Nickel
  2. Calcium
  3. Magnesium
  4. Sodium
  5. Arsenic
  6. Copper
  7. Lead
  8. Manganese
  9. Chromium
  10. Metal
  11. Zinc
  12. Cadmium
  13. Potassium

Software: AA WinLab Perkin Elmer Instrument Control Software 3.0

Option to run the sample on behalf: Only for non-School of Science's students


Person in charge: Syafiq Ashari, Syamil Abdul Razak

Lab location: 3-7-22

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Contact number: +603-55161635 / +603-55161633