Texture Analyzer


Model: TA.XT Plus

Manufacturer: Stable Micro System


The TA.XT Plus Texture Analyzer is Stable Micro Systems' flagship texture analysis instrument, capable of measuring virtually any physical product characteristic such as hardness, fractur ability, adhesiveness, gel strength, extensibility of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer products. It is commonly employed to measure and quantify fundamental, empirical, and imitative tests in both compression and tension, covering those relating to texture analysis, materials properties as well as effects of rheology of solid, semi-solid, viscous liquid, powder, and granulate materials. It presents a small portable solution for your texture analysis testing measuring up to 50 kg in force.

Technical Specifications
PropertiesTA.XT Plus
Force capacity50 Kg.f (N)
Displayed force resolution0.1 g
Loadcell option0.5, 5, 30, 50 Kg.f
Loadcell accuracy0.5% of reading down to 1%
Speed range0.01 - 40 mm/s
Speed accuracyBetter than 0.1%
Max. aperture370 mm
Distance resolution0.001 mm
Net weight14.9 kg
Dimension650 x 280 x 540 mm
Sample testing area247 x 228 mm
Operating temperature0 - 40 °C
Test typesLibrary test: Cycle, hold, return to start, repeat all (all in compression and tension)
Adhesive test: Apply distance or apply force. Totally programmable arm movement sequencing when used in conjunction with software.


Person in charge: Kanakeswary

Lab location: 4-7-01

Email address: kanakeswary.mani@monash.edu

Contact number: +603 55146000 (ext: 59617)