Mini Spray Dryer


Model: SD-1500

Manufacturer: Labquip


SD-1500 is successfully applied in the fields: beverage, spices, pigments, milk and egg products, plant and vegetable extracts, pharmaceuticals, synthetic thermal material, aromatic, blood products, pottery and superconductor biochemical products, adhesives, dyes, sopas and detergents, oxides, etc.

Application Range
Widely used in the biochemical, food, chemical, material, pharmaceutical laboratory to produce small scale powders for universities. It can produce power from emulsion, suspension solution. It is applied for drying the heat sensitive material such as biological products, pharmaceuticals, because material is instant heated only when it is spried to the small liquid size and can keep the active ingredients after the material is dried.
Technical Specifications
Evaporation capacity (250°C)
1500 ml/h
Temperature inlet40 - 250 °C (purpose made can up to 350 °C)
Accuracy±1 °C
Drying time1.0 - 1.5 s
Drying air0 - 330 m³/h max, pressure 686 Pa
Heater power3 kw AC220v single phase
Compressor0.2 kw, up to 6.0 m³/h; 2 - 5 bar
Production capacitymax 2000 ml/h
Jet de-blockingvariable de-blocking plunger frequency
Spray system2 liquid nozzles with standard 0.75 mm jet and options of large diameters (0.5 mm - 2mm)
Flow of material and airsame direction; downward
Noise(<40Db) s
Power220 / 240 V - 50 / 60 Hz -13 amps
Dimension750 x 505 x 1600 (L x W x H)
Weight110 kg


  1. Spraying, drying, and collecting device is made by transparent heat-resistant borosilicate glass.
  2. It can guarantee the drying process in no contamination and stable environment.
  3. It can view all processing, then, can control the testing process and adjust parameter in time if have any problem. The parts is easy to clean and removed.
  4. Premium stainless steel 316 two liquid nozzle structure, uniform spraying
  5. Accuracy PID temperature control
  6. Equipped with air filter to guarantee the sample
  7. The production capacity can be adjusted by peristaltic pump, complete one test only with 30 ml sample.
  8. Unblocking needle in atomizer, frequency adjustable, automatically deblocking to guarantee the continuity of testing when blocked.
  9. Touch screen control panel control, Chinese and English language operation panel, conveniently changing, LED display all tech-parameters.
  10. Protection function, cannot start the heater with starting the blower
  11. The power particle size is even, more than 90% at the same granularity range.


Person in charge: Kanakeswary

Lab location: 3-4-13


Contact number: +603 55146000 (ext: 59617)