Microencapsulation, Spray Drying and Freeze Drying

19 December 2017

Speaker: Dr Aurelie Demont

MonEco: On-campus species identification and localisation in an integrated framework for research and teaching

30 October 2017

Speaker: Ms Nancy Van Nieuwenhove

Partner with Industry in Research Translation

28 September 2017

Speaker: Mr Daniel Lee Lih Wei & Prof Mahendhiran Nair

Mindfulness a strategy for maintaining mental wellness

5 September 2017

Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Cornelius

Updates from Clayton Food Innovation Centre

21 August 2017

Speaker: Prof Nicolas Georges and Miss Elesha Kelly

Introduction of Food Analyst Act and Regulation, Updates and Values of the Enforcement

24 July 2017

Speaker: Dr. Koh Yew Ming

Enterprise and Partnerships

15 June 2017

Speaker: Mr. Greg Redden

Using inking to increase student engagement in lectures

25 May 2017

Speaker: A/Prof. Coral Warr

Novel genes involved in the regulation of insulin signalling and growth in the fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster

25 May 2017

Speaker: A/Prof. Coral Warr

100 years of oil palm in Malaysia: Current status and future trends in Malaysian palm oil sustainability

26 April 2017

Speaker: Dr. Sanath Kumaran

Designing new CO2 reduction electrocatalysts and advanced photoanodes for solar fuels generation

14 April 2017

Speaker: Dr. Chong-Yong Lee

An introduction to the unique environment of Tasik Chini: Current threats and attempts to restore an endangered indicator species

30 March 2017

Speaker: Miss Chew Min Yee

Exploring Mushrooms Native to British Columbia For Medicinal Properties, The Discovery of APE1 as an RNA-cleaving Enzyme and IMP-1, an Oncogenic RNA-binding protein

24 February 2017

Speaker: Prof. Chow-Hwee Lee

Problem Solving - Is It All The Same?

17 February 2017

Speaker: Prof. Tina Overton

Recruiting Bismuth to the Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance

17 February 2017

Speaker: Prof. Phil Andrews

Industry Innovation Strategy

17 February 2017

Speaker: Prof. Bart Follink