Interferons: Friends or Foe?


Although the role of type I interferon (IFN) in the protection against viral infections has been known and studied for decades, its role in other immunologically relevant scenarios, including bacterial infections, shock, autoimmunity, and cancer, is less well defined and potentially much more complicated. In this talk, I would like to walk you through some of the ups and downs of the field that shapes my career and personality.

Speaker's Profile:

Dr Ng Chen Seng received his Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology in 2008. He then further completed his Master and Doctorate degree in Life Science from the Kyoto University (Japan) in 2014. He then pursued his junior and senior postdoctoral research in North America. Dr. Ng started his faculty appointment as a Senior Lecturer in 2022 under the Division of Medical Biosciences, School of Science, Monash University Malaysia. His research interests are mostly related to the field of immunology, and virology. Dr. Ng’s research team aims to create a challenging research environment to disseminate knowledge in the field of viral immunity, to stimulate the students’ curiosity and to help them develop their critical thinking skills.