Peer Mentoring Program

Students doing group work

In a 3-week program (Week 1-3), new intake students who registered for the program are matched up with a peer mentor from the School of Science, who will provide mentoring support to ease their transition to university life.

Peer mentors will share their knowledge and answer questions about adjusting to life at Monash to new intake students during the 3-week program.

Each week will have a specific theme and mentors are expected to share their own university experience regarding each theme

Peer mentors are experienced students from School of Science. Mentors are paired up to form a team and will work directly with mentees throughout the program. Mentors are responsible to guide mentees and introduce them to Monash resources and services.

Mentor's requirements:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be willing to learn and share information about student life and campus resources
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal skills and communication skills
  • Demonstrate leadership skills
  • Active and self motivated
  • Socially and emotionally mature
  • Giving encouragement and helping students build personal relationships with fellow students

Mentors's key responsibilities:

  • Provide mentoring support to a small group of commencing students through a series of face to face interactions and online through the mentoring platform.
  • Use personal university experience to provide guidance to mentees and refer mentees to further support services when required.
  • Complete program evaluation surveys as required.
  • Be a positive representation of Monash University at all times

Mentor Registration:

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