Microencapsulation, Spray Drying and Freeze Drying


Microencapsulation, Spray Drying and Freeze Drying nowadays have several interesting applications and many new innovative fields are waiting to be explored. Laboratory scale instruments are excellant tools to start developing new applications thanks to short process, reduced sample amounts and short cleaning time. Small scale units are also excellently suited to investigate current processes and worst-case limits which are highly valuable information for the subsquent upscaling. Up-scaling can however become quite cost effective and a smart use of experimental tools during scale up can lead to limited experiments at manufacturing scale and therefore save costs.

Speaker's Profile:

Aurelie Demont, Ph.D. joined BUCHI in 2016. She is an application chemist for spray drying and encapsulation at the BUCHI headquarter in Switzerland and has expertise in spray drying and encapsulation applications in fields including food science, biotechnology and cell encapsulation. She earned a biotechnology degree at the HES-SO Valais (B.Sc.) before pursuing a Ph.D. in biotechnology at the Dublin City University.