Enterprise and Partnerships


Monash University and their industry partners have a successful history of building new products and services. The achievements stem from the expertise and enthusiasm of the team who are energised by potential solutions, no matter how big or how small.

The model is very flexible. Sometimes industries bring ideas to Monash University, and sometimes vice versa. Sometimes the university commercializes inventions, sometimes businesses license and build on the inventions. The team has been doing this a long time, so they know how to develop intellectual property portfolios that maximize impact for any potential business.


Greg is the Director, Industry Engagement and Commercial with the Faculty of Science, Monash Australia. Greg is responsible for strategic partnerships with industry, government and not for profits and the effective transfer of commercially relevant research outcomes. Greg has broad experience in the development and delivery of strategic programs across a wide range of disciplines, industries and geographies. He has a core of expertise in team development, organisational change and the commercial interfaces between government, research organisations and industry.