Liew Hern Liang

What/who influenced your decision in choosing SCI3990?
One reason is due to unable to find intern companies for related discipline in time. I wanted to have a taste of research to determine if I wanted to further my studies.

Please describe your experience with SCI3990. 
Overall, I have gone through successes and failures in experiments. Dr Patrick was swift in correcting and advising the next practical steps to take. The facilities in the research lab were adequate. Due to the need of multiple attempts and lengthy procedures, hours in the campus were quite long. Despite these, the overall experience was great as it really gives a taste of a researcher's life.

What qualities did you acquire after completed SCI3990?
Time management and experimental planning skills were developed over the course of the project. I have also learnt to be communicative as well as considerate to the community of the research lab.

Would you encourage other current students to enrol in SCI3990?
I would highly encourage students who are passionate in the discipline of science to have an attempt in research as it gives a highly practical and hands-on experience in devising and executing the research project. Multiple soft skills are able to be acquired throughout the course of this project.