Tropical and Environmental Biology

Members: A/Prof. Adeline Ting Su Yien, Dr. Holly Barclay, Dr. Foo Su Chern

Our research focuses on tropical and environmental biology. Our staff have expertise in freshwater biodiversity, water quality management, wetland conservation, climate change mitigation, evolutionary ecology, insect symbiosis, biology of microalgae. We are interested in the ecology and conservation of river invertebrates, assessment of the status and major threats to wetlands, impacts of oil palm plantations on aquatic invertebrates and stream ecosystem function, bioprospecting for secondary metabolites from marine and freshwater microalgae.

In addition, our researchers are also interested in environmental microbiology where we find solutions ‘from the environment, for the environment’, using the best possible approach that is effective, environmental friendly, renewable and sustainable. We use microbes and their natural compounds to mitigate pressing environmental and agricultural issues, providing ‘green solutions’ in the form of biofungicides, biofertilizers and bioremediation agents.