Micro Volume UV/Vis Spectrophotometer


Model: Biodrop

Manufacturer: SERVA


With a focus on intelligent design, the BioDrop spectrophotometer makes UV/Visible spectroscopy on samples of less than 1µl achievable for all life scientists. Accuracy, robustness and ease of use are the hallmarks of BioDrop products. BioDrop range of instruments for rapid, simple and accurate measurement of your DNA, RNA, oligo or protein concentration and purity. BioDrop's fresh new approach has resulted in a range that is flexible when you require it, fast when you need it, and easy-to-use in every case.

Function and Capabilities

BioDrop has an in-built sample port that is easy to use: simply pipette your samples in the centre and measure. Cleaning the port is easy; simply wipe with a lint-free tissue and the instrument is ready to make the next measurement.

  • Never have to calibrate the in-built sample port uses no moving parts providing outstanding measurement performance.
  • First of its kind in-built sample port for micro-volume measurements.
  • Fast operation - switch on and measure a DNA sample in <4 seconds with only 4 screen touches.
  • Large, high-resolution, capacitive colour touchscreen on standalone instrument.
  • The in-built sample port is easy to clean and maintain.
  • USB connectivity for easy PC connection or data export.


Person in charge: Fadzly Adzhar Kamarulzaman

Lab location: 3-4-4

Email address: Fadzly.Adzhar@monash.edu

Contact number: +603-55161633