Tissue Embedding center


Model: HistoCore Arcadia

Manufacturer: Leica


The HistoCore Arcadia modular tissue embedding system incorporates two separate components, the Arcadia H heated embedding module and the Arcadia C cold plate. The independent modules offer the flexibility to arrange the embedding workflow in the direction that best suits your laboratory. The HistoCare Arcadia H paraffin dispenser allows for simple operation and precise control; resulting in improved quality, a smooth workflow, reliability and speed of your embedding work. HistoCare Arcadia is a cold plate holding more than 60/65 cassettes on its large working surface. Cooling efficiency is important, so the cold plate was designed with an environment adaptive control module to make sure the operating temperature is always stabilized at -6oC.

Function and Capabilities

Arcadia H - Paraffin Dispenser

  • Operating temperature: 50oC - 75oC
  • Tray capacity: 150 cassettes
  • Paraffin tank: 4 liter
  • Illumination: White LED light
  • Display: 5.7inch LCD touch screen

Arcadia C - Cold Plate

  • Operating temperature: -6oC
  • Workload capacity: 130 blocks solidified per hour


Person in charge: Zaidatul Nadia Binti Zainal

Lab location: 3-5-23C

Email address: Zaidatul.zainal@monash.edu

Contact number: +603-55161620