Drosophila Facility


Equipment name: Stereo microscope

Model: SZ51

Manufacturer: Olympus


We have 34 different species of lab-breed drosophila available. We also provide instrument such as Olympus stereo microscopes with light and carbon dioxide gas outlet to make species identification convenient for the user. On top of that, we offer banana media for drosophila breeding purposes.

Typical Applications
  • Genetic studies
  • Undergraduate teaching practical
  • Entomology
List of Species
1Wild type1 18Eve Lac Z
2White eyes19Eve-Lac Z
3Apricot eyes20Uas Propo
4Sepia 21KOCL 5
5Brown eyes22Qld2Qld
6Scarlet eyes23YY6
7Vestigial ebony24Qld1Qld
8Vestigial wings25Bowen II
9Tahbik ADH26Ap gal 4
27Ebony Body
11Hb-ftz Lac Z28Hb Lac Z
12Crossveinless29H-ftz Lac Z
13En Lac Z30Eya I
14En-Lac Z31Eya II
15Kr Lac Z32Dpp Gal 4
16Kr-Lac Z33Dll gal 4
17Yellow crossveinless fork ( YCF)34H Lac Z


  • Drosophila
  • Banana media


Person in charge: Wan Farah Wahida

Lab location: 3-4-22

Email address: wan.farahwahida@monash.edu

Contact number: +603-55161826