"How I Made My Way from Academia to Being a Traveler Scientist"


Have you ever thought that you can travel the world as a scientist? I will tell you how I did it (and, no, I'm not traveling with a lab in my van). In this talk, I will cover how I made my way from a PhD in Biochemistry to being the Chief Science Editor of a health and biotech start up. Today, I work remotely in science, manage my own team, help other people, and travel the world at the same time.

Speaker's Profile:

Evguenia was born in Russia, but did all her studies in Argentina. She graduated in Biochemistry, did a Master in Biomedical Sciences, and a PhD in Human Genetics. After her PhD, she became a freelance Scientific Editor and transitioned into a remote Science Editor role at SelfHacked, a start-up company in the US that writes about alternative health treatments for a lay audience. She is currently traveling the world while enjoying her new job.