Oil Palm GenomeSelectTM, Sea Squirts, Drugs and Steel – What is the Common Denominator?


Starting from natural products and medicinal chemistry, and now plant biotechnology and breeding, some of the key learnings in my journey will be highlighted, and how all of these fields become intertwined. Questions like “why do I like science?” and “how to cultivate innovation in teams” are consistent threads. We all embark in science careers with a dream to help save the world. I have found continually looking outward to learn wider fields of science and the coalface of technology applications, along with working in dynamic and multi-disciplinary teams are key to this.

Speaker's Profile:

Dr. Appleton has been working with Sime Darby since 2010. He came to Malaysia in 2008 on attachment to Universiti Malaya after working 5 years for MerLion Pharmaceuticals in Singapore as a Principal Research Scientist in Drug Discovery. He has a PhD in Chemistry from The University of Auckland, New Zealand with experience in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research, as well as Process Engineering.