Current students




Athena Ng Xin Hui

Project: The role of nucleoside triphosphate hydrolases (NTPases) of Toxoplasma gondii in modulating host innate immune response (pyroptosis).

Main Supervisor: Prof. Chow Sek Chuen

Chai Jing Yun

Project: Molecular studies on the interaction of Influenza A virus nucleoprotein with host chaperone proteins

Main Supervisor: Prof. Sunil Lal

Kanagesswari Muniandy

Project: Genetic and epigenetic characterisation of non-nuclear DNA in rice

Main Supervisor: Prof. Sadequr Rahman

Cheong Poi Yee

Project: Determining the domains on Semaphorin 5A that confer tumor suppressor effects in human gliomas

Main Supervisor: Prof. Chow Sek Chuen

Vishalini Ghobe

Project: The ecology of aquatic invertebrates in tropical peat swamps

Main Supervisor: Prof. Cathy Yule

Tan Hui Li

Project: Fabrication of injectable and self-healing hydrogel for biomaterial tissue engineering and drug delivery

Main Supervisor: Dr. Pushpamalar Janarthanan

Andrew Osahor

Project: Bactofection mediated correction of Fabry disease

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Kumaran Narayanan

Ding Zhen Shern

Project: Characterization of the role of sirtuins by Toxoplasma gondii in modulating its growth and survival

Main Supervisor: Prof. Chow Sek Chuen

Ang Boon Hong

Project: Characteristics of elderly Malaysian drivers and fundamental deciding factors for quit driving

Main Supervisor: Dr. Ngin Cin Khai

Janet Tan Jia Yin

Project: Antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-biofilm and insecticidal of Basella alba and Basella rubra leaves, stems and seeds

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Lim Yau Yan

Wong Chew Ee

Project: Antimicrobial cyclodextrin containing polymers

Main Supervisor: Dr. Lee Sui Mae

Rasaq Olajide Akinsola

Project: Optimizing the process of gene delivery using invasive E.coli vector

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Kumaran Narayanan

Ragul Paramasivan

Project: Development of recombinant multi-epitope proteins based poct diagnosis for multiple stds in human

Main Supervisor: Dr. Pushpamalar Janarthanan

Ghan Sheah Yee

Project: Modulating physical propserties of palm oil-based organogels using water.

Main Supervisor: Dr. Thoo Yin Yin

Yeo Eng Hwa

Project: Fractionation and purification of the enzyme(s) activated during T Gondii Tachzoite death

Main Supervisor: Prof. Chow Sek Chuen

Teo Yong Kiat

Project: Structure-mechanism relationship of phenolic acids and antibiotics against pathogenic bacteria

Main Supervisor: Dr. Joash Tan Ban Lee

Anshika Sharma

Project: Molecular and biochemical studies on the PABP family of proteins and its interaction with the nucleoprotein of Influenza A virus

Main Supervisor: Prof. Sunil Lal

Mah Wee Li

Project: Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of antimicrobial activities of Chiral Copper (II) and Silver (I) Pyridine-N-Heterocyclic Carbene complexes

Main Supervisor: Dr. Cheow Yuen Lin

Ramandeep Kaur

Project: nvestigating hnRNP-IAV nucleoprotein interactions and their role in influenza A virus life cycle

Main Supervisor: Prof. Sunil Lal

Nooryasmin Anwar

Project: Potentiation of antibiotic action via synergism with flavonoids

Main Supervisor:  Dr. Joash Tan Ban Lee

Nur Zawanah binti Zabidi

Project:  Role of influenza A virus and hos factor RNF43 in regulation of cell cycle progression

Main Supervisor:   Prof. Sunil Lal

Farheena Iqbal

Project:  Study of adoptive genetic variation in house crow (Covus splendens)

Main Supervisor:    Prof. Sadequr Rahman

Nuraina Anisa binti Dahlan

Project: Tissue engineering using biopolymer materials and potential application in the skin repair and regeneration

Main Supervisor:   Dr. Pushpamalar Janarthanan

Chai Jun Ching

Project: TAntioxidant and anti-atherosclerotic activity of Alternantherasessilis Red  

Main Supervisor:   Dr. Joash Tan Ban Lee

Krystle Angelique Santiago

Project: Lichens for new drugs: A metabolomic approach to the bioactivities of the fruticose lichen Usnea from Malaysia and the Philippines and its mycobionts and associated endolichenic fungi.

Main Supervisor:   A/Prof. Adeline Ting Su Yien

Allan Ng Wee Ren

Project: Fabry Disease: Mutation characterization among Malaysian and genetic complementation

Main Supervisor:    A/Prof. Kumaran Narayanan

Lee Jin Min

Project: A multidisciplinary-based approach to dengue diagnostics and mosquito control.

Main Supervisor:   Dr. Robyn Wilson

Ethel Jeyaseela Jeyaraj Asirvatham

Project: Investigation of the potential antibacterial, antibiofilm, and antiinfective properties of pomegranate, goji berries, purple cauliflower, and red radish.

Main Supervisor:   Dr. Choo Wee Sim

Farooq Omar Maan Al-Ajli

Project:  Saker falcon (Falco cherrug): Investigating a genomic and metagenomic markers to infer phylogeograph patterns and distinguish wild, captive and hybrid individuals.

Main Supervisor:   Prof. Sadequr Rahman

Ooi Luyi

Project:  Synthesis and bioactivity of multi-target-directed compounds for Alzheimer's Disease.

Main Supervisor:   Dr. Joash Tan Ban Lee

Yap Ling Sze

Project:  L-asparanginase produced from endophytes: production, optimization and anticancer activities.

Main Supervisor:   A/Prof. Adeline Ting Su Yien

Lai Kah Man

Project:  Attenuating Influenza A virus endocytosis by HB-EGF (Heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor)

Main Supervisor:   Dr. Lee Wai Leng

Irene Lau Mei Yen

Project: Interaction between Nucleoprotein (NP) of influenza A virus (IAV) and NFkB

Main Supervisor:    Prof. Sunil Lal

Lee Da Yi

Project: Genome-wide association mapping and phenotyping for agronomic traits in Malaysian weedy rice (Oryza sativa)

Main Supervisor:    Dr. Song Beng Kah

Chin Jia May 

Chin Jia May

Project: Bio-priming seeds to improve tolerance against biotic and abiotic stresses

Main Supervisor:    A/Prof. Adeline Ting

Md Moinul Hoque 

Md. Moinul Hoque

Project: Gene expression analysis in human cells upon Toxoplasma infection to identify drug target. 

Main Supervisor:    Prof. Chow Sek Chuen

Priyanka Parhi 

Priyanka Parhi

Project: Influence of prebiotics on the viabilities and survival of Lactobacillus sp. and Bifidobacterium sp.

Main Supervisor:    Dr. Choo Wee Sim

Sundus Khan 

Sundus Khan

Project: Development of chemical sensor for the detection of selected antioxidant compounds. 

Main Supervisor:    A/Prof. Emily Goh

Nurul Hidayah 

Nurul Hidayah binti Adenan

Project: Actinobacteria and their potential in removal of triphenylmethane dyes. 

Main Supervisor:    A/Prof. Adeline Ting

Jacky Dwiyonto 

Jacky Dwiyanto

Project: Prevalence of ESBL-producing enterobacteriaceae among healthy community in Malaysia

Main Supervisor:    Dr. Lee Sui Mae

Calvin Goh 

Calvin Goh Bok Sun

Project: Identification and isolation of novel antimicrobial-producing bacteria using modified iChip technology.

Main Supervisor: Dr. Lee Sui Mae

Ooi Teng Sin

Ooi Teng Sin

Project: Antioxidant and sensory study of VCO-substitute chocolate using control-fermented cacao beans.

Main Supervisor: Dr. Siow Lee Fong


Selina Gan Peck Ting

Project: Light-mediation to induce the production of valuable compounds in fungi.

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Adeline Ting


Jahid Md Mahabub Islam

Project: Novel Bio-based Nano-capsule for Targeted and Controlled Drug Release.

Main Supervisor: Dr. Pushpamalar Janarthanan


Kavitha R Ganesan Nathan

Project: Molecular and biochemical studies on the 14-3-3 family of proteins and their interactions with the NP of Influenza A virus

Main Supervisor: Prof. Sunil Lal

Wong Yin Cheng 

Wong Yin Cheng

Project: Construction of Linear Chromosome That Is Mitotically Stable in Mammalian Cells

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Kumaran Narayanan

Goh Boon Hee

Project: Study of potential anti-hypertensive effect of ellagitannin geraniin and its mechanism of action

Main Supervisor: Dr Joash Tan Ban Lee

Goh Yit Kheng

Project: Biotic and abiotic components in Typic Quartzipsamment soils in suppressing basal stem rot

Main Supervisor: A/Prof Adeline Ting Su Yien

Chrystine Yan Zou Yi

Project: Whole genome sequencing of local Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Main Supervisor: Prof. Sadequr Rahman


Vani Juliyanti

Project: Characterization of microbes associated with rice roots

Main Supervisor: Prof. Sadequr Rahman


Aurelie Sarah Mok Tsze Chung

Project: Isolation, purification and characterization of novel antimicrobials produced by Variovorax species

Main Supervisor: Dr. Joash Tan Ban Lee

 Heerman Kumar A/L Sandra Kumar

Project: Genetic diversity of intestinal nematodes and host immune response genes in the Orang Asli community

Main Supervisor: A/Prof Qasim Ayub
 Mahreen Rani Naseer

Project: Modified natural macromolecule as organic pollutant sensor and as dynamic compound carrier in drug delivery system

Main Supervisor: A/Prof Lim Yau Yan
 Isra Ahmad Farouk

Project: The study of the effects of influenza A virus on the microRNA profiles of infected human cell lines

Main Supervisor: Prof. Sunil K. Lal

Md Hamed Hussain

Project: Metagenomic Analysis of Human Gut Mycobiome in the Community of Segamat, Malaysia

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Lee Sui Mae

Md Mainul Hasan Sarker

Project: MicroRNA Expression Profiling and Target Identification of Weedy Rice in Different Temperature Conditions

Main Supervisor: Dr. Song Beng Kah

Nazmul Hasan Muzahid

Project: Stool antigen test for the characterization of H. pylori infection and detection of virulence genes

Main Supervisor: Prof. Sadequr Rahman

Aamir Anish Palwala

Project: Life cycle of a commercially valuable tropical Microalgae and its preservation

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Adeline Ting Su Yien

Madhuri Pulijala

Project: Identification of de novo mutations in recurrent spontaneous miscarriages using high throughput sequencing

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Qasim Ayub

Hazel Yean Ru Ann

Project: Analysis of Clearfield Rice in Malaysia

Main Supervisor: Dr. Song Beng Kah


Mrudula Guggilla

Project: Encapsulation of Terminalia bellerica by using spray drying method and study on food application

Main Supervisor: A/Prof Siow Lee Fong

Nurhamimah binti Misuan

Project: Investigation of the mechanisms of cytotoxicity for cobra venom cytotoxin using computational and experimental approaches

Main Supervisor: Dr. Michelle Yap Khai Khun


Tiffany Tan Mei Quan

Project: The gene expression and proteomechanges of cellular responses to cytotoxin

Main Supervisor: Dr. Michelle Yap Khai Khun


Rupini Yesudasan

Project: Population genetics study of weedy rice

Main Supervisor: Dr. Song Beng Kah

Jayasyaliny Jayaraj

Project: Development of Genotyping-By-Sequencing (GBS) using Miseq on weedy rice

Main Supervisor: Dr. Song Beng Kah

Eunice Yap 

Eunice Yap Xin Le

Project: Study of cancer-derived exosomes in urine using IR spectroscopy for development of prostate cancer. 

Main Supervisor: Dr. Lee Wai Leng

Thivyah Munisparan 

Thivyah Munisparan

Project: The anticarcinogenic efficacy of Ocimum sanctum, Eugenica caryophyllata and Piper nigrum.

Main Supervisor: Dr. Pushpamalar Janarthanan

 Mohd Syamil bin Abdul Razak

Project: The Effects of Red and Blue Light-Emitting Diodes on the Growth and Phenolic Contents of Misai Kucing

Main Supervisor: A/Prof Lim Yau Yan
 Doan Ngoc Phuong Anh

Project: Enzymatic extraction of tocopherol and tocotrieonol

Main Supervisor: A/Prof Siow Lee Fong

Tan Karl Vern

Project: Role of sirtuins in the regulation of Toxoplasma gondii interconversion

Main Supervisor: Prof. Chow Sek Chuen

Marie Andrea Laetitia Huët

Project: Prevalence of fungi in the gut of healthy Malaysians

Main Supervisor: A/Prof Lee Sui Mae

 Fadilla Ramadhani Wahyudi

Project: Identifying positively selected genetic variants of the Chinese, Malay and Indian population groups

Main Supervisor: Prof. Sadequr Rahman
Shaheena Shehnaz Ahmed Rifaaie Thowfeek

Project: Prevalence of antibiotic-resistant Enterobacteriaceae among the healthy community in Segamat, Johor.

Main Supervisor: A/Prof Lee Sui Mae

Michelle Ong Wei Kim

Project: Inclusion complexation (IC) of betacyanins extracted from red pitahaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) with β-cyclodextrin (CD) and preparation and characterization of betacyanins-β-CD-grafted alginate

Main Supervisor: Dr. Choo Wee Sim

Kirsty Anne Illingworth

Project: Functional properties of protein isolates from the seeds of Moringa oleifera

Main Supervisor: A/Prof Siow Lee Fong

Loh Sze Le

Project: Supramolecular approach In understanding macromolecule adaptations and their capabilities as Functional material

Main Supervisor: Dr. Cheow Yuen Lin


Clerance Cheong Su Yee

Project: Determination of novel and common mutation of Fabry disease in Malaysia

Main Supervisor: A/Prof Kumaran Narayanan