Sethu Pathy, Taneswary

What/who influenced your decision in choosing SCI3990?
I am planning to undertake the honours program at Monash University Malaysia so I wanted some research experience before making a decision.

Please describe your experience with SCI3990.
Overall, I had a positive experience with SCI3990 thanks to my supervisor, Dr Yek Sze Huei (Zoe), and fellow PhD student, Lee Jin Min. Dr Zoe appointed Lee Jin Min to assist me with my project. Both of them provided me with assistance and feedback throughout the entire course of my project. I also learned many new things from them. The facilities provided to me for SCI3990 were sufficient for me to carry out my project.

What qualities did you acquire after completed SCI3990?
Independence, time management, and perseverance.

Would you encourage other current students to enrol in SCI3990?
I would encourage other students to enrol in SCI3990, provided they have an interest in research. I believe that SCI3990 gives exposure to students regarding science research and provides a glimpse of the life of a researcher. I think students will have more confidence in choosing their future career/academic paths after taking SCI3990.