Refrigerated Centrivap Concentrator


Model: 7310036

Manufacturer: Lab Conco


CentriVap Benchtop Vacuum Concentrators are designed to rapidly concentrate multiple small samples using centrifugal force, vacuum and heat. As many as 132 samples may be processed at once. Sample sizes range from a few microliters up to 25 milliliters.

Functions & Capabilities
  • Microprocessor-controlled centrifugal motion up to 1725 RPM eliminates bumping and foaming common when applying vacuum during evaporation and maximizes recovery of trace solutes.
  • Quick-Stop System. Once run time has expired or the RUN/STOP button is pressed, within seconds the vacuum pump stops, the valve opens to bleed air into the chamber, and the rotor stops.
  • Automatic vacuum release valve prevents loss of sample by releasing the vacuum before the rotor stops and during power failures.
  • Lid latch with safety sensor locks the lid in place when the rotor is turning and prevents start up when the lid is open.
  • Built in vacuum delay prevents bumping by allowing the rotor to achieve speed before applying vacuum.
  • Corrosion-resistant sample chamber accommodates accessory rotors for a wide variety of sample tubes.
  • Large phenol-free lid seal ensures good vacuum without potential for phenol contamination.
  • Microprocessor-controlled 300-watt heater speeds evaporation by supplying a controlled amount of heat from OFF up to a maximum of 100°C in one degree increments.
  • Three Quick-Start™ Buttons store one user-set program each.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display prompts the user to set program parameters and displays program number, actual and set point temperatures, heat time remaining, run time remaining, and if Heat Boost™ is activated.
  • Heat and run times are set separately, each from 1 to 999 minutes, so that heat may be programmed to shut down sooner than the run to protect heat sensitive samples from excessive heat exposure after the solvent has evaporated.
  • PREHEAT button activates the heater to begin elevating to set point temperature.
  • Memory stores 9 user-set programs with parameters of temperature, heat time and run time.
  • Audible alarm signals completion of set point run time.
  • Electrical receptacle allows connection of accessory vacuum pump so that the pump may be activated from control panel.


Person in charge: Zaidatul Nadia Binti Zainal

Lab location: 3-5-23B

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Contact number: +603-55161620