Nanotechnology in Translational Veterinary Medicine


Our laboratory has been engaging in nano vaccines, nano medicine and nano formulations.  A new live Newcastle disease (ND) vaccine formulation was developed using calcium phosphate (CaP) coupling to improve the vaccine efficacy. The CaP coupled ND vaccine elicited significantly higher and earlier protective immune titers even with 100 times lesser virus dose in chickens. CaP coupled vaccine had increased infectivity and spread, in target organs. Progesterone was impregnated in nanofibers prepared using zein which is applied for estrus synchronisation in bovines. This is applied as a transdermal patch thereby ensuring a farmer-friendly application process eliminating the need for a veterinarian for implant delivery for a similar purpose. Nano salt was prepared using membrane filtration or coating with magnesium glutamate. The sodium reduction strategies were found to be highly product dependent showing no reduction in sodium when applied to popcorn but showed significant reduction in processed dry fish. Nanotechnology applications extend to all disciplines and needs to be harnessed properly and adequately for the benefit of animal health and productivity!

Speaker's Profile:

Dr. G. Dhinakar Raj completed his B.V.Sc from Madras Veterinary College; M.V.Sc in Biotechnology from the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar and Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. He did his post-doctoral training at University of Nebraska, USA (2001) and the Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright, UK (2008). His research areas of interest are Molecular Virology and Immunology. He is a recipient of various awards such as the Tamil Nadu Scientists Award (1994), the National Biosciences award (2007) and the DBT-TATA fellowship (2012). He has 238 publications in National and International Journals with an ‘h’ index of 21 and 1665 citations. He has commercialized 18 products to various companies and has numerous patents to his name.