MBS3800 Medical bioscience internship

Student looking under microscope

The internship gives you the opportunity to apply your university learning to the workplace, providing you with the experience in tailoring your academic-based learning to the needs of an industry-based partner, and to network with potential employers. This will prepare you for work or professional practice by integrating theoretical knowledge with practice. You will learn about the process of applying for employment and good workplace practice.

The internship will generally take place during the summer break (8-12 weeks), commencing middle of November and ending in January.

What our students say about MBS3800?
Internship at Permulab
(Lab technician)

"Honestly, it was a fun & challenging in the same time as I haven’t been working in the lab due to the pandemic and the department that I worked with was different from my major. I would recommend for other student to do the internship, as it gave me a new perspective about the work life in the science field – indeed it was so different from the lab that I did in campus! Also, I gain a lot of new social skill as I must work with other colleague that might have different background, studies, even language".
Internship at Universiti Brunei Darussalam
(Biomedical scientist)

"Firstly, I was able to enhance my skills as a biomedical scientist by practicing all the skills I learnt in class. Secondly, I learnt how to work in a team with my other coworkers which helped me improve in my communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Thirdly, this internship helped me gain more knowledge in the field as well as helped improve my critical thinking, problem solving, organization and multi-tasking skills. An internship benefits me because it provides me with some work experience which allows me to stand out to potential employers and broaden my network as I was surrounded by many professionals that specialized in their field which may help me find a job easier in the future".
Internship at Permulab

"Through this experience, I was exposed to new protocols and equipment which I had not handled before. In addition, I learnt what it is like to be an employee for a company. It helped me work on my communication and my time management skills. An internship is our first working experience outside of academics. It allows us to see the theory that we learnt be put into industrial practice as well trains us to navigate ourselves in the working world. Although it was for 8 weeks, my internship became meaningful experience, allowing me to grow as a student and an individual".
Internship at Kings Hospital Colombo
(Medical laboratory technician)

"During my internship, I had the opportunity to conduct a variety of medical tests under several different lab disciplines. By doing so, I gained invaluable hands-on practical experience with state-of-the-art lab equipment and machinery, as well as with routine testing methods. I found that this gave me a head start for some of my third-year units and further solidified my understanding of theoretical concepts learnt in my second year, particularly in relation to microbiology.
Additionally, with the numerous tasks assigned to me daily, I was able to improve my time management, multi tasking, and organization skills. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at my internship, and I look forward to interning at a similar institution in the future!".
Internship at Sunway Medical Center

"During my internship, I had gained plenty of lab skills, such as plating agar plates, conducting blood tests and urinalysis. Besides, not only was I able to apply my textbook knowledge into real-life situations, I was also able to learn from professional lab scientists as well, which further deepened my understanding on various medical topics. 
While the internship was a complete 180 experience from studying, I had definitely enjoyed it as it allowed me to appreciate the life and responsibility of medical staff in the hospital, and how diligent and selfless they are in their work to provide the best care for their patients. Moreover, I was also able to widen my network by meeting with interns from other universities, as well as with my colleagues at work".

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